Start up troubles


i just finished my mbot cube everything looks ok but it wont start a print, it just sits there with the name of the print and the heads wont warm up. also when i cancel the print the head slams into the front right corner and grinds untll i turn the whole thing off, but the zero for all axes is right i dont know what to make of it.


Can you send me the picture of wiring on motherboard to the It seems like some wiring problem on motherboard.


HEllo All

i had the same problem i spend two day on it swapping all the printer part because i have a cube plywood and a cube II

Robin help me a lot thanks by the way

the problem was on my Pc with Windows 10 because i rebuild my x3g file with mprint on my mac mini and the printer was starting like a street car :wink:

if you can try this solution will exclude software issue if not i can send you an x3g just for testing my theorie


Hey guys

im also having trouble with the printer not sure whats wrong with it i also bought filaments
at this site since its cheaper source here for the filametns


hay guys i have a mbot that prints the examples from mprint but i was trying to import my own stl files but they don’t show up when i click add please help me fast\