Zortrax M200 Plus


Zortrax M200 Plus

The latest version in the duplicates family is a big step forward! This time, 3DStore.dk can present a printer that’s good enough to use as a semi professional 3D printer, but at a price it’s hard to beat!

I3 comes pre assembled and ready for use. It is based on the open and reliable Prusa i3 design, which means you can grow with the printer, change it and enjoy it for a long time.
The Wanhao Duplicator i3 comes with a heated build plate, USB connector, SD card reader and an LCD monitor. It also boasts the brand new MK10 extruder - which means you can freely use almost any filament you prefer, PLA, ABS.

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 is built on a sturdy aluminum frame design with a metal steel, this will enhance your print and make sure you have a printer that sticks to your desktop without vigorous vibrations that will interfere with the print job. This new printer is also equipped with the latest generation of well-appreciated MK10 single extruder and this fact alone is a very good indication of what this printer is capable of delivering. A new design feature is that the electronics box is a standalone part.

We think this printer can stand out for the best, and if you combine this with the incredible pricing, you have a hard-to-print printer - at any level !!


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