Mbot Cube and Cura

I have the Mbot Cube and want to use Cura, but I’m not sure what printer profile I need to use. Also what GCode flavor should I be using? I can use MPrint to slice but Cura has some finer configurations.

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I didn’t realize that there was a custom version on the site that has all the printer profiles preloaded. Just too bad there is only the Windows version.

You can download it from here: https://www.mbot3d.com/software the Cura 4.4 for MBot .
May be you can copy the resources directory form the zip files to your Mac’s profile dir.

Downloaded the latest version of cuda from the mbot site. and I can’t find the mbot cube printer there

Try use grid 2+ option.
And do install X3GWriter plugins in the plugins from Marketplace of Cura.

Hi, i just got my old 1000+ hours Mbot cube out of storage, havent used it in years. the power supply died half way through the 1st print & i bought a Thermaltake 450w to replace it.
Now its printing again :slight_smile:
I was going to use Cura but there is no Mbot brand option??
let alone selecting what type printer i have??

You can download the Cura for MBot from here: http://cdn.magicfirm.com/download/Cura4.4.zip

Hi, trying to use Cura with my Grid 2+ Dual Head and having issues, i select the left or the right extruder to print but the printer only uses the right extruder

Hi, I just got an old Mbot cube dual as a gift. I got it working with repG but there is no way I can get it to work with cura. I downloaded the Cura software from Mbot site as listed above, I’ve added the x3g writer etc…still not working. It starts to work but obviously the start up code is wrong, the print head just doesn’t know where to go??? I dunno what to do.

So far I have been using cura to move objects and create projects etc, then saving as an STL file so I can re-open in RepG to slice. Its working but this is some BS. Cura is waaay better I would love to be able to write to removable from there and start printing because there are so many more slicing options and settings for rafts, speed, everything basically. RepG reminds me of what they used in the first CAD machine…its sucks really.