Ultimaker Cura 4.6 Support MBot Grid Printers

In April 21, release Ultimaker Cura 4.6 . It supports MBot Grid Printers.

Magicfirm printers. jeffkyjin has contributed machine definitions for MBot Grid II+, MBot Grid II+ (dual), MBot Grid IV+ and MBot Grid IV+ (dual).

Any one can try to use it, any feedback is welcome here. We can update it later in next Cura version.

Hi Jeff, I looked into the profiles for the Grid II+ on Cura. I tried printing something with dual extruders, but the .x3g file generated only appears to use the right extruder. Maybe I am missing configuration steps, can you please confirm?

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Same as Anthony. I tried to use the left extruder but i can´t. Already good with the right extruder.
My printer is a Grid 2 + Dual Extruder

Hi Anthony,

We will look into this.
Will reply you when confirmed.

Did you choose the Extruder 2, in Support setting?

Yes I did. And I saved directly to an x3g file using the extension available.