Using Slic3r with ReplicatorG

I have a couple of RepRap style printers as the Cube and I like to use Slic3r with them. is there anyway to use or install Slic3r with ReplicatorG? Also is there a way to us Repeiter-Host, (the one I use with my Prusa I2 and my mendal with)?

i’m also interested to use Slic3r , tried Repetier-Host but it wont connect to the mbot grid 2 , any tips on how to make them work

using windows 8.1 64bit

you can use the Repeiter-Host with our printer ,just need to change the start and end gcode .you can find the start and end gcode where you install the Mprint or ReplicatorG .
and also ,the Repeiter-Host couldn’t connect to our printer

I don’t understand your reply bo_zou. In one sentence you stated “you can use the Repeiter-Host with our printer ,just need to change the start and end gcode”. And then later you say “Repeiter-Host couldn’t connect to our printer”. If it can’t connect to your printer, that to me means it doesn’t work. So which is it? Does Repetier-Host work fully with Mbot printers once the start and end codes get changed?

Mbot can print from SD card ,don’t have to connect to the computer .
you can use the Repetier-Host export the .X3G file and put it in the SD card and print it

I’m trying to get repetier with slic3r to work with my Cube Dual But I can’t get the configuration right. Which printer are you using and can you upload pictures of your configuration for repetier-host and slic3r?

Hi, you could get the correct configuration of repetier host or any other software with slic3r for your mbot cube?

Has there been any luck with this? I do not see where/how to export in .x3g format…
I do see “Save in Binery format” which Im guessing is similar to x3g, however the file extension is still .gco

I should also mention that converting my .gcode file in RepG does not work for some reason… I’ve copied and pasted start and end Gcode obtained from MPrint, inserted into slicer, RepG, Simplify3D, generated the .gcode file, then converted in RepG… the MBot printer moves to its start position, (front left corner), but halfway there starts moving really slowly… and does not stop when it reaches the position. It keeps moving and hits the wooden walls and the motors slip.
I think RepG does not recognize one or two of the M commands…

Try MPrint added slic3r: