3D Printer Nozzle clogging

By operating the software to close the nozzle, then remove the print head to leave the model;
The raw material from the nozzle clawed to prevent further congestion;
Remove the residual plastic from the nozzle;
Open the nozzle work, such as the nozzle inside the plastic melt will automatically spray;
New plastic materials plug in the nozzle;

When the 3D printer is on hold

(1) platform cleaning

Find a lint-free flannel, in the top with a little topical alcohol or some acetone nail polish cleaner, gently wipe, you can clean up the platform.

(2) residual material in the nozzle clean-up

Preheat the nozzle to about 220 ℃, and then use the tweezers to slowly pull out the waste silk, or remove the nozzle for a thorough clean-up.

(3) other clean-up

The 3D printer cabinet below the garbage clean up, to the lack of oil lubrication components, with a clean cloth to the motor, screw and other components above the oil wipe clean.
Do a good job cleaning up the above points, the machine can be covered after a good long-term storage. Equipment in the course of daily use, to develop good maintenance habits can extend its use of time.

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