3MF File Update for MPrint


Hello Everyone!
Does anybody know if MPrint is going to or has made updates for the new 3MF files? Also does anyone know of another 3d printing programs other than Mprint that work well with the MBot printers?



Only stl format support on MPrint for the moment. Simplify3d is compatible with MBot 3D Printer


thank you robin! Do you know any free STL repair programs? I was using the Microsoft STL repair but it exports as a 3mf file now.


If you are using 3D builder of Microsoft STL repair software then after repair when you save the file choose stl instead of 3MF


Unfortunately I am not using the full builder platform from Microsoft( I have a mac). I was just using the older simple upload/repair/downloadSTL tool they used because it worked with my mac. I don’t believe microsoft builder will work on my mac.


When I recently noticed that Microsoft had switched to the 3mf file format, I downloaded Netfabb Basic for free. It’s much more complicated to use, but it’s the same technology that powered the Microsoft site. https://www.netfabb.com/products/netfabb-basic


Looks like the original tool is still available but at a different address. https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net


Technology is making things easy, AirPrint and Mprint make printing easy. I have tried printing from my Gmail and start getting Gmail Error 007, Anyone knows the resolution. please share the solution.