Dimension of base for GridI (MPrint)

Hi all

another issue: The MPrint calculate the path to take. I alwas say to center the sketch. Everytimes it gets off-centered. Up to now, it was not an issue. But as I now try to print larger stuff (like 20cm large), it gets anoying.

Does anyone have seen that as well?

Thanks for a Feedback.

By the way: Thank you very much for having add the “multiple print” function. Look Forward to that the MPrint for MacOSx !

just an update. Here the Piece seems to be “to much in the front”. But in real life, there are 50 mm place. And nearly no place in the back. you Need always first to make a pre-print. VERY ANNOYING.
Thanks for an update.

Try selecting View/Top. Being the software still uses perspective you might have Issues. I center the part by using the top view and moving it until the location tabs are directly over each other. That’s about as close as you can do it manually. You can also position your part in your CAD software Bounds Centered on X0, Y0 and Z0 at the bottom. Just don’t forget that MPrint is in mm not inches so to convert from IN>mm you have to multiply by 25.4

Thanks BulletTrap smile

The Picture shown is View/Top and I’m calculating in metrics (the only “real” world smile).

I’ve tried to center the part as good as possible, but the print is Offset on the table… why that??

How can I define how large and wide my table is? Have you done it?
May be I should just print a test like a rectangle of 265mm by 225mm.

There are offsets in the setup menu “Home offsets” This determines the distance from the home position to the part zero position. IF you change those it will move your part on the platen. Check those out and make sure they are correct.

I have a Grid II+ and the center for mine is.:

X 115.00

If you wan’t to center it print a square and measure from the edge to the edge of the platen. Then adjust your offsets for the shift.

Thanks bullet Trap! :smile:
Do you have a single or dual Extruder?
and: how to Show that Information in Mprint?

I have a single head and haven’t worked with the dual head. Probably a future purchase.Sorry The only thing I see is a dual head selection under \Device\Dual head Grid II

Cool. Thanks. I upgraded my old dual to a single Grid. There more disadvantage for me to work with a dual head: the not used head can hit the object (head are never to 100% in line) and smash the whole Project. I will have to update a bit your data. the Y-axis is not centered. But it is much better now. Unfortunately, the MPrint do not provide the possibility to Change it. So either it take Ages directly on the Printer, or you use the old Software.