Drivers for Mbot 3d printers

I have just purchased a new Mbot 3d printer and have a Windows 8 machine. Unfortunately the drivers will not install. Please send the installation instructions for a Windows 8 machine. Thank you.

as I answered you on Zendesk ,here you can check it again
you need to reinstall the software .

1.first you need find the catalog where you install the ReplicatorG ,then delete all of the file the software needed :
a) python :
b) ReplicatorG (or Mprint )
3.close your antivirus software
4.install the makerware first ,choose the default catalog
5.install the "python " first ,choose the default catalog
6.then install the “ReplicatorG” ,also choose the default catalog

you can have a try

dear tom

greetings n well wishes… pls follow the instruction from the link below for windows 8 installation

thanks n cheers