Dualstrution print not aligned when using Mprint 1,0.5 on GridII Dual

I tried printing a two color object today that I drew up in Sketchup and then created the .xg3 file from Mprint 1.0.5., It was a set of red extruded text on top of a blue solid base. The only issue I had was that the red text was shifted about 20 mm to the left from where it appeared in positioned in the Mprint. Where can I go to adjust the x-offset in Mprint?

Hi davensac,we’re very grateful for your feedback.
The printing size of GridII Dual is 220mm220mm180mm, but actually the 220mm of X axis is not the public area of left&right nozzle on account of the mechanical structure of dual nozzles.The left nozzle can not move to rightmost of platform, similarly, the right nozzle cannot move to the leftmost of platform.The dead zone width of left&right nozzle is space between two nozzles, it’s about 35mm wide.So the rest 150mm wide area of X axis is the public area of dual nozzles.
So we suggest that you move the modes to the center of the platform when printing with dual nozzles.