Extruder thermistor

Does anyone know what the value of the extruder thermistor is in ohms & where I could get a replacement.

Unsure which Mbot printer uses a Thermistor but the Cube Plywood Kits (from 2 years ago) used a Thermocouple cable which reads as around 30 Ohms.

I got my spares directly from Mbot (although I could not find it listed right now) as could not find a suitable replacement in my 3rd world country. Try contacting their support.

Thanks for the reply. I am having the same issue on 3rd party replacement. I know it is called a RDT (Resistance thermometer Detector) Sensor. Problem I don’t know the value as in measuring a working one (dual Extruder) it will only gives me the value based on the current Temp. I think it is 100 ohms total range.
Now that I can not find any thing I will try contacting their support.

I know this is old, but I wanted to make sure it’s clear, if your printer needs an actual thermocouple (rather than thermistor) then resistance alone will not indicate temperature or proper operation. A thermocouple is a junction between the two wires (I think in this case type K, alumel and chromel) that generates a very tiny voltage relative to temperature. This needs a different kind of circuit than a thermistor, so they’re not usually interchangeable. If the wires have red and yellow insulation with the braided sheathing, then it’s the thermocouple type.