Filament Cooling Fan

Hey everyone,

I have a Cube Dual printer and I want to add in another fan to cool the material coming out of the extruder. Is there a port on the board that I can plug the fan into?


The connector is labeled “Case Fan 1”.

Thanks! I’ll be ordering a fan.

This image from another part of the forum is not in any way like the actual board on my Cube Dual, but it might help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ? Also, there are actually two fan connections, but only CSFAN1 actually turns on while its extruding. I connected a fan to the other and it never came on, so there’s some other setting that controls it. I have two 40mm fans mounted on the extruder platform using this fan duct. I ran a pair of hookup wires through the cable loom and I have been running them for a couple weeks, and it seems to have improved my prints.

Here is a photo from my Cube. The first pair of connectors is TEMP1, the thermistor on the primary (right) extruder. The next pair is HEAT1, the actual heater for the right extruder. Next is FAN1, for the cooling fan on the cold end for the right extruder. The next pair of wires (blue and yellow) are CFAN1 (the label on the board is obscured by the connector itself). That is the connector for the cooling fan that automatically comes on to cool the printed layer. Hope this helps.

Hey guys,

I just printed out a shroud and hooked up the fan to the CSFAN port. It seems like that fan is always running, can’t get it to turn on and off through software. It seems to produce better quality prints by a lot though!

Thanks for all your help!

I may be mistaken on the name of the connector, but where the blue and yellow wires are runs a fan only when the g-code tells it to cool the previous layer. Usually it doesn’t run when the first layer (or raft) is printed, then it runs after that, switching off during travel moves and back on for extrusion.

I finally got around to doing this today, works great! The port was labelled “Extra”