Got Error: Platform failure! temperature reads are failing! check wiring!

After fully assembling the wood Mbot Cube, the LCD shows the error on start.

I’ve checked and rewired the thermocouple several times, but the error is still there. Please help!

what error message you get ?

Platform failure! temperature reads are failing! check wiring!

then you need to reconnect the wire like the picture ,keep in mind that the color of the wire should be the same as the pictures

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Bo.

My wiring is same as shown in the picture. The only difference is that the printer I bought only has one extruder, and the all extruder’s wires are connected into sockets labeled as Extruder I. Should I connect them into Extruder II sockets?

I also did some measurements. Please see them below.
In a room with temperature around 20C, the thermocouple has resistance of about 30 Ω. Is it normal?

When the printer is turned on, the voltage of the sockets used by the thermocouple is 0. I guess this may be a problem.

Also, the power supply fan never starts after the printer being turned on. Is it a problem?

Thanks in advance!

go to the printer menu under utilities under general settings scroll down until you see the option HPB installed
if is YES turn it to no exit the menu and reset printer from the reset button

for single head printer ,the wire should be connect to the Extruder 1

er ,does the problem still exist ?