Having a hard time getting parts to stick to the platten

I found that a layer of painters tape works but I also add a layer of glue stick just before printing. The models come off easy and the tape/glue are cheap. Just an FYI.

it’s working well with:

  1. cleaning with White Spirit (Ethanol, high percentage Vodka etc)
  2. reduce the speed of the first layers of the raft to 50% (and increase it to 150% afterwards).

(for PLA)


By the way: some are using hair spray (hair lack)

good suggestions !

our other customers also use "3M double faced adhesive tape " or "scrub some acetone liquor on the plateform " when they are printing with big model

Would it be possible to get in a new Software release the possibility to Change the Speed of the baselayer undependantly of the Speed of the object? Would help here as well.

Yes that control would help quite a bit.

lower the speed of the baselayer could help a little
you can change the speed when you are printing : click left or middle button ,then choose “change speed”
after you have finish the fistlayer ,you can change it back .

Yes it working. But one Need to make it manually. Would be nice to have it in the Software. :wink:

Try using your offsets to drop the head closer to the platen. I had a hard time and finally just watched the head as it laid down the first layer. Then I dropped it a little at a time and it started to squeeze out the first layer under the tip. After that I used the bare platen and didn’t need tape or glue. Now what am I going to do with all this tape and glue :slight_smile:

Buy some cheap hairspray, clean the platform properly, spray it with hairspray (more makes it stick more, less - less), let it dry then print. @mienamoo shared this with me and it works great.

Reducing the Speed of the first layer lets avoid the Need of hair spray. So if/when the Software allows dual-Speed-control, the first layer will be printed slowly, the rest faster.

I have been using buildtack and have not had any issues at all with adhesion even printing first layer at full speed.