Hello Again. We are back

Hello All,

We are have bad time within the recently period. As we invest a wrong business, partner with a US industry design company who help Makerbot and Solidoodle to design printers. These waste most of our developing resource and delay our own products. It’s a long terrible time.
Lucky, I stop the cooperate and refocus our own MBot printer product.

In August, We will release 3 models 3d printers.
MBot Grid 4, it is a upgrade of MBot Grid 2+, we are moving to Marlin based motherboard, and the steady 2+ extruder with new fans, and much easy to use auto-leveing function in the 3.5 inch touch screen.

MBot Grid 4s, It is a cloud base 3d printer, which can be used in printer farm. We will release it with our 3d printing cloud SPARK . https://spark.magicfirm.com

MBot Grid Pro, It is a professional desktop 3d printer, as all knows, it is release as zyyx pro before. It come with plugin extruder with 0.2,0.4,0.8mm Nozzle to change. It can print ABS, Nylon, PC, Carbon Fibre etc. It also comes with a heating chamber. So it is will be your professional 3d printer in the desktop.

Many of you also ask about the MPrint.
Yes, we have rewritten the MPrint to make it better.
The new printers will come with MPrint 2. We are using the Cura Engine as the main slicer. We test it, it is the best that even better than Simplify3d.

Any MBot users have any suggestions, it is welcome, we are happy to hear. Within your help, we can getting better.

And for several months, many support and contact information was not replied, all of them will be reply in very soon. And be patient, I am so sorry.

CEO of Magicifrm.

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Thank you!! We are back in business!! You guys are great!!
Looking forward to the new products and updates!!
Sorry you had throuble, we are so happy that you have come back. There have been a few people with troubles. Please review and reply with answers. They feel like they have dead printers and no help.

Welcome back!! :slight_smile:

Does this mean you will be offering parts for older printers? The power supply on mine failed, and killed the logic board of my printer. I would like to get it running again.