Help With Hot Clog


How do I remove a hot clog the easiest way? I have tried to heat my Mbot grid II+ up to 260degrees but not sure for how long I dare aswell as using a paper clip without success. The clog is far down and the bot begins to say TUUG TUG TUG TUG and the PLA is curling at the end of the nozzle not making any decent prints!

I heard you could use acetone to get rid of the hot clog but maybe that was only for ABS.

Help please I want to print (:

follow the file attached and clean it several times clean the nozzle.pdf (173.2 KB)

it does not help by doing that !:confused:

Can you remove the nozzlehead on this 3d printer somehow? I can clean it that way

I had to use a #78 drill in a pin vise to clear the nozzle when it got clogged.

I order them from

Drill part number: 2901A256

Pin vise part number: 8455A16