How long before I get support?

So just how long does it take to get support?
5 days ago I submitted a request using your online form.
Monday I sent an email to support directly and I still have not gotten a reply.

The printer does print, seems to be Ok but I can only print from SD however here is a lit of issues that need addressed:

Directions suck, pictures show 4 holes on the rod cap pieces and square, they are not and only have 2 holes.
At least 1 instruction is cut off mid word and sentence so no idea what it meant…

So now on to my actual issues:

  1. Right extruder fan grinds on cold use, after warm up it quiets down…Probably bearings failing.
    (Haven’t tested left extruder at all yet, getting more PLA this weekend)
  2. SD card not recognized, not showing as empty, just not seen at all (port works since my 2gig map card works)
  3. USB port is bad, no PC recognizes anything when plugged in (not driver issue, no new device plugged in sound or driver load attempted)…There are 2 spots on the board for testing voltages, they show proper +24 and +5…the USB only outputs +.5 on power and +.03 on data and the cable is extremely loose when plugged in, wiggles side to side. Tried on 3 different PCs, software loaded and all drivers had green checkmark after install.
  4. LED display goes to garbage characters after each print when inserting the SD card to print something else, have to turn off and back on to use it again.

very very sorry for our mistake .my colleague that you send email to have take a one week sick leave .
sorry for taking your so much time

our technical support engineer will confirm your situation and send you the stuff you need

So I got a few back and forth emails from your support, and 1 was probably you since I don’t think there are but a couple of you running this business…
Anyway, no one seems to read my messages, they just reply and look stupid…
Found the circuit for the motor installed backwards. Turned it around and still nothing. I moved the right circuit to the left and got it to load but didn’t print from it so not sure if it works completely.

thanks for your picture ,but the motor driver marked in red is installed in a wrong way ,it will burn the motor driver and broken the motherboard

Thanks captain obvious! I know that’s what happened.YOU sent it to me that way, I didn’t install the motor circuits.

What I need is an estimate of how long before you can get me another motherboard and the answer, wait awhile is not acceptable.

"really sorry we cannot take you suggestion to “open another kits or something” ,we have our schedule .
please wait for some times ,we will send you a new motor driver too "

At least send me a new motor circuit so I can dual print!
I only have 30 days to return this thing by your own policy and right now I can’t even fully test it! I know I can test each extruder separately, but I want to see a dual print, what I paid for!

Send me an upgraded motherboard, something! It is not very professional to say just wait and we’ll send it to you when we can.