How to print on dual extrusion with the Mprint software?

I want to print some objects in 2 colors with my “mbot dual cube” but pressing the button “merge” I get the following window:

“Dual extrusion materials using only avaible skeinforge engines. Under Gcode Generator menu select any Skeinforge slicer and retry”.

MPrint only shows one option “Miracle-grue 2.4.0”

The problem is I do not want to print using “ReplicatorG” that the raft generated is difficult to handle, so I prefer “MPrint”. Probe using makerware but double the extrusion is displaced.

Any idea how to do?

please wait for our new software ,we will bring it our this month ,it will let you print with dual color with good raft .

the old Mprint software can’t print with dual color now ,sorry that …

I’ve been waiting for the program but still nothing new :confused:

please check this topic Mprint (Beta) software

I have upload the software ,you can try to use it

i download the updated program, but mbot cube dual model is not listed =/

yeah ,but you can still use it ,choose Grid II dual
before it starts ,make sure it wont burn the platform

The program closes when trying to access settings or export. I did not stay clear what he said about taking care of burning platform.

try to install the software

I installed the program from the EXE file, everything works fine, but now I have a problem with the alignment with double extrusion, which you see on another topic, no response yet.