How to print two identical models simultaneously with dual head?

Hello. I have a MBot 3D Plywood with two heads. I need to build several identical small models. It is possible to build them simultaneously using both heads,for double performance and reduced mechanical deterioration for each piece? Size of models with support is smaller than distance between extruders, so left and right pieces should not interfere with each other.

that need to change the firmware in the’s too complicated.

you can put more model in the same working platform when you design it in your 3d software ,then print then together

If i put two models in the same platform and print them together, the printer will print first and then the second, doesn’t it?
About changint the firmware: i have some expierence in programming microcontrollers, so i think it would be not too complicated for me, if I will have source code. Is the source code available?

the printer will print it layer by layer .the quality is good ,don’t worry about it

and sorry that we can’t provide the firmware to customer …