How to use MPrint?

I’m new on this forum and 3D printing in general, having MBot Mini printer

  1. Does MPrint compatible with Windows 10? It looks yes, but a few functions don’t work, I’m wondering why?
  2. Is there any manual for MPrint (not meaning a few page Print Guide…). Manual section of Help menu doesn’t work.
  3. How to use MPrint for programming new printouts (not just combination and scaling existing examples?) Tool -> Slicers ->Mbotslicers doesn’t open anything

MPrint is compatible with window 10. Which version of MPrint software are you using? You can download Mprint software
Link for MPrint manual

Unfortunately with MPrint drivers do not work with Win 10
К сожалению драйвера с MPrint не работают с Win 10

version When downloading didn’t find version for Windows 10, only W7, XP and Vista. When installing got multiple warnings om unsecure not certified software. When MPrint will end beta testing?

should be compatible for windows 10