Introduce to Spark 3D Printing Cloud [MBot Grid 4S]


Spark 3D Printing Cloud benefits:

  1. High integration with MBot Grid 4S, enabling Grid 4S access cloud management that is easily accessible. The operation only needs to enter the serial number of the printer.
  2. One administrator account can manage multiple printers.
  3. Upload model one key print, no need to set complicated Gcode slice parameter settings. You can use the default shortcut settings or use the recommended options. Basic overwrites most of the model printing requirements. The uploaded stl file will be slicered on the cloud in seconds, and the gcode file will be send to the idle printer you selected, the printer will start printing after you start the task.
  4. Cloud-side managed uploaded model designs, account built-in storage, and a default increase of 5G of storage for each printer added. You can also purchase additional upgrade storage.
  5. The cloud looks at the progress of the print task and can suspend or cancel it at any time.

More usage you can access the introduce page of Spark.

MBot Grid 4S information: