Level Build Plate utility harmed the build plate

I tried to run a print job, but when it started, instead of creating a raft for the print job, the nozzle started dragging across the build plate making gouges.

I aborted the print job and tried to run the “Level Build Plate” utility, but the printer jammed the build plate up against the (hot) nozzle such that the nozzle made about a 4mm hole in the build plate.

This is just the latest in a series of headaches that I’ve had since I bought this printer.

I’ve also had jobs spontaneously stop and have to be aborted because the nozzle melted the part of the job it was touching.

Please clearly explain what I need to do to make this printer work properly (the documentation that came with the printer is unhelpful). Also, please explain what I need to do to get you to replace the build plate that your “Level Build Plate” utility ruined.

What model of Mbot are you using? If it is Grid2 / Grid2+ where the Z limit switch is mounted on the extruder carriage, then you need to use the calibration script in the included SD Card (the name is Grid2xx sth). However if you are using the Mbot Cube - then you will need to adjust the bed using a piece of paper at each of the adjustment knobs locations (3 position), dont use level script in the menu - select home axis and then turn disable stepper motor (or turn off machine) - then use your hand to move the extruder to each adjustment points and slide a piece of paper and adjust the knob till you get the feel of the nozzle drag on the paper while still able to pull out paper without tearing it.

Hope this help