Leveling Build plate on MBot T480

Hi i have a T480 and a grid 2 plus , both have auto leveling

i go to menu and select level build plate which is working fine at all 3 cutouts

but when i am finished leveling it moves to center of the build plate but is touching the build plate and i cant slide the paper underneath the nozzle

i have applied a little pressure to the build plate and slid the paper underneath but it is too tight

i was wondering if this is that the nozzle or heater block too low in relation to the leveling limit switch

or is is a firmware setting that is causing the nozzle to move so low

the Grid 2 plus is perfect it is just an issue with the T480

any thoughts on this one

Hi Wozza,I have attached a Levelling Calibration x3g file, please try this one.Unzip the file to extract a .x3g file.
T480_Levelling.zip (1.8 KB)

Hello Mr 81
thanks for your reply

i have the calibration file and have set the T480 up

i think it is a problem with the Z axis stepper as it makes a noise and loose counts
i am in the process of buying another stepper driver as i think the A4988 driver
is a little small for the nema 23 on the Z axis
i am going to try a DRV 8825 as this driver can handle 2.5 amps

As it is it seems stepper does not have enough torque and makes noise and looses steps
so when the stepper move to new position it hits the print bed
the Z axis does not move the print bed low enough for the nozzel to miss the print bed and is stuck in the cut out of the print bed

When i have tried the new Step stick i will leave my results here

The new stepstick need to have the pins inverted as they fit upside down on the mighty boards
you just look at the pins in relation to the pins on the original T480 drivers and you can see


Hi the T480 problem was fixed with the new calibration file

it seems the new calibration file moves bed much slower and
the z axis now does not miss steps

the nozzel stops above the bed and can be lowered to the width of the paper