Leveling Build Plate?

Hi, I just received the new mBot Grid II Single yesterday ! The User Manual seems to be of an older version… looks like some of the functions have been changed in the new Machine, and Manual has not been updated !

I have two issues : How to Level the Build Platform ! This is the procedure I’m following :
Menu –> Utilities –> Level Build Plate… The Build Plate rises, and Extruder then moves towards the Right Back Corner and immediately comes to Center, and the LCD shows “Press M when level”… How do I level in corners … also I cannot see any LED on the Extruder for leveling ?? Which is the M key ? And what do I do when Extruder moves to Center ?

Second issue : I am getting Tool Count Mismatch . Expecting 1 Tools, reported 0Tools… please double check your selected machine error in ReplicatorG…
So what is the problem here ? I have switch on Printer, Connected USB Cable to PC, and then started ReplicatorG… The Machine is rightly chosen as MBot Grid II Single & connection is established through COM5.

Anyone please help !

Ok. Bob has solved the Leveling problem…He sent me this video link…if your machine is Grid, please check this video

Followed this method, and it was successful.
Now I have to solve the problem of Tools Mismatch in ReplicatorG…

here you can download our new user manual for Grid II http://www.mbot3d.cn/software/downloaddata/id/16

and to connect the printer to the computer you need :1.make sure all the drivers have been installed .2.choose the right machine type .3.then rescan the serial port ,then choose the port ,4.then connect it
about this you can check the user manual in detail

why not try to print with SD card ,it’s more stable and convenience