Liking my MBot3d Cube

Hello everyone,

For my 14th birthday (the friday that just passed) I asked my parents and got a kit for a the DIY Plywood MBot3d Cube Dual Head. I was able to build it that day and yesterday and finished troubleshooting today. I went to my nearest, yet not so near, Microcenter and got 9 1kg (!!) spools of PLA for only 15 dollars each! (It’s listed as $20 they priced it wrong I guess). This is all a big step up from my last printer, a wood Printrbot Simple I got last year which I’m now selling. My only issue is that one of the stepper motor drivers doesn’t work. It for the one for the right extruder, but luckily you can switch them out so I put it in for the left one (the second/B one) so I could still use the first one. I’ve been printing away and I’m gonna tell MBot to send me a new motor driver. Does anyone else have an MBot? Any opinions?

Note that yes, MBot sounds a lot like Makerbot. This is on purpose because the first printr, the Cube, is a clone of the first Makerbot Replicator. It even uses a mightyboard and sailfish firmware (I prefer Marlin because repetier is way better than Replicator-G/Mpring.

Thank you!

The newest Grid is using Marlin as the firmware.