Mbot 3d grid II+ build plate not lining up

hello, i just bought the grid II+ duel and i am having problems with printing, i do the calibration which works, the 2 extruders go over the slots for the extruder to fit in, but when i go to do a print the right extruder tip is in the left slot on the back left side of the build plate slot so that the left extruder is out of the slot and hitting the build plate which causes it to lean to the left and not hit the lower stop button and it just grinds and leans. anyone else getting these problems or have a fix? thanks

From what you are describing I would say that you are using the profile for the single head printer as the slots are in a different place, Are you using mprint?

hello, thanks for the reply, that’s what i thought i was also, i put it on 2 extruders and got the same thing, i am actually using Simplify3d and just found the fix for it on the forum last night by “Ben” using this gcode

M73 P0
G162 X Y F2000(home XY axes maximum)
G161 Z F900(home Z axis minimum)
G92 X0 Y0 Z-5 A0 B0 (set Z to -5)
G1 Z0.0 F900(move Z to ‘0’)
G161 Z F100(home Z axis minimum)
M132 X Y Z A B (Recall stored home offsets for XYZAB axis)
G1 X-100 Y-100 Z50 F3300.0 (move to waiting position)
G130 X20 Y20 A20 B20 (Lower stepper Vrefs while heating)
M135 T0
M104 S210 T0
M133 T0
G130 X127 Y127 A127 B127 (Set Stepper motor Vref to defaults)
G1 F3600; Set speed for tool change
M135 T0; Change to different tool
M104 T0 S210; Change temperature

But left the last 2 lines without overwrite it

M73 P1 ;@body (notify GPX body has started)
; **** end of start.gcode ****

here’s the first test print with simplify3d