MBot 3D Grid II printing error, prints slanted

I hope the images I upload are visible!..
I done the calibration many times as well as the paper sliding between the nozzle & platform, after many attempts this is what I’m printing all my objects are side printing!..
If anybody has any info on how to fix this please help!
Thank you!

Hello to whom it may concern!
Today is 02/16/2015.
“UPDATE” MBot Grid II 3D Printer
My ‘Z’ axis motor was loose & one of the mounting screws came off (how I don’t know) after researching & troubleshooting my printer I realized my ‘Z’ axis motor was super loose had so much play I knew it was this part the screw came off.
I unscrewed the ‘Z’ axis track bar’s from both ends in order to get to the ‘Z’ axis motor mount.
Re screwed & tightend the ‘Z’ motor mount then reinstalled the ‘Z’ axis track bar’s.
I Did 1- test print & it work good so far!..
Tonight when I get a chance I’ll do more test prints to see if this resolves my issue which prompted me to open this post!.. Before Z-motor mount tightening my printer would print slanted.
I’ll keep you guys posted!

I had a similar problem, but my prints were slanted on the X axis.
I checked all pulleys and belts first, because they would be the most obvious cause.
I switched x and y axis motors, and then x and y axis drives.
It turned out that there was a short between wires in the motor cable.

Hello farmer!,
I’m glad to hear you were able to trouble shoot your issue!.
When I did the trouble shooting steps I too checked all motors & pulley Belts for loose or over tightening, sure enough my ‘Z’ axes Motor was hanging on by 1 loose little screw, & this little screw was 3/4th of the way out ready to fall off.
I’m just glad I got it on time & was able to replace both screws, made sure to tighten them with Lock-tight (the Blue one) so they DONT come loose!.
Now the Printer is printing Great! EXCEPT NOW!

I’m dealing with Pealing/non Stick,
the Right side of the Print Table, I’m having such a hard time trying to find something that Works & I’m having no luck!
The weird thing is the Left side works flawlessly!
No issues on the left side with sticking or pealing. 100% Of the time left side prints awesome, Right side NOT SO GOOD!, Unless I’m sitting along side the MBOT Printer holding down the RIGHT side of the 3D Model being Printed, it won’t Print correctly.

I’m using kapton Tape over the Print Table with Glue Stick over the Kapton tape,
I curious to anybody reading this Post what are you using & is it working for you??
Thanks any info is appreciated