MBot 3d Printer DIY wont print on platform


Does anyone know how to calibrate this machine, filament will come out of the extruder, however the plate is too far from the extruder to actually create an object.


There is a setup guide, including calibrating the Z offset. Have you done this?

If you haven’t, then you will need to start there.

If you have, and it is still starting prints too high, on the control panel, press the button, and go to Control, then select Motion. From there select the Amax Z, and bump it up. I set mine to the same as X and Y, 2000. This solved the problem for me. It also solved a problem where the bed would not move between layers printed.


Same issues here, I did z offset and came up with 2.6mm somehow…prints were a disaster, redid z offset and its .4 and prints perfectly!