MBot and OctoPrint

Hi everyone! I just set up octoprint on my raspi 3 and was wondering if anyone had successfully connected it to their cube single or knows how, considering its designed for gcode based printers, not x3g…

You will need to add the plug in for GPX to Octoprint to get support for the Cube. I have done this successfully. https://github.com/markwal/OctoPrint-GPX

Alright, I’ve done that, but its not printing well. I get a good raft, then the actual print comes out in blobby dots on top of the raft. There is barely any resemblance of the original design. I am using the Replicator 1 profile for Cura (Built in to octopi)

Looking for the same answer from a long time, not getting the answer.
If anyone is availaible with the same, please share with us.
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