MBot Cube Dual shaking when printing

I have a question regarding my printer, it seems to shake a lot when printing and I was wondering if there was something I could do to avoid it or control it in some way. It shakes and skids across the table so I want to avoid it falling off as it makes it impossible for me to work on long prints without being there to watch it. Is there a way of securing it somehow? Could the issue be lubrication of the rods?

Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide.

I have some heavy things on top of my cube dual for now, ive only had it a week but ill prob grab some 10mm steel & paint it & sit it under the bed.

Do you think that would help? It really shakes a lot, I thought of building like a table with wood and some rubber around the bottom part of the machine to enclose it and keep it from moving. Not sure if it will affect the prints though. Thanks for taking the time to answer to my question.

yeah for sure it helps, some prints get the cube & my desk shaking more then others of course.
in a perfect world id have a desk that was very sturdy & the cube bolted to the desk. then it would never move but my desk isnt 100% sturdy so ive braced it against the wall which helped a lot & then added some weight to the cube. now i get minimal movement with the cube on the desk with a 6-7 hour print (longest so far)

Slow the print down! (20/30 feedrate / travel feedrate, 30/45 isnt bad either) It’ll also help with the print quality. Yes it takes way longer but hey, at least the printer wont fall off the table :stuck_out_tongue: