Mbot Cube Extruder assembly slam into end

Hi. I have a Mbot cube ply wood version printer and I use of makerbot desktop to print. The problem I have is that after heating up the extruder assembly travels to the left front side and slams into the side with the gears slipping. Are there any solution to this problem?


select the correct driver in Mprint, check if you have 17 or 18 teeth pulleys…
But there is a software bug that was supposed to be fixed but I they have not put it out yet :frowning:

Check if the “homing stop switches” are connected to correct place. I had to swap mine from right to left and front to rear. I anyway do not understand why the Cube don’t have all axis with end-sensors.

The switches are installed as per assembly instructions, I wonder if the fact that I am using Makerbot Desktop software to print does not maybe invert the axis, maybe I must try that as well. According to the current placement of the switches left panel towards the back for Y axis, then on the x axis but on the righthand side of x axis assembly. The Z axis is fine. The current homing position is 0,0 which is rear right of printer.

In program ReplicatorG
try through the tool (Control Panel) to set the print head in the center using the arrows y +, y - , x + , x - and button Enable

open Reeplicator g software, go in to machine and select macine type driver that is the same as your printer… (cube or cube 17 , stands for 17 teeth).
when that is done you must go and select file, then script and hit calibration…
Then you will get a file on the replicator g… write that file into memorycard, confirm yes when promped by software… the put the sd card in printer and print the file you have just transfered.
After this your mbot is calibrated… remember to reset your mbot machine before doing any of this.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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