Mbot Cube Kit PLA Cooling fan install?

I recently purchased the add-on pla cooling fan for the Cube kit and can’t seem to figure out how it installs. It has slots that look like they would attach to something on the head but nothing looks like it would line up on the head. If anyone could send me a pic of what one installed looks like it would be much appreciated.


??? Any help from MBOT???

This MBot Cube kit extruder picture. I do not know which fan did you bought

Im having the same issue i ordered a couple of this new PLA cooling fans and i have no idea of how to mount them.

These are a new optional part form Mbot that has made the store not so long ago and i have no clue on how to mount it, the pic you show is the original factory fans, we now have new option.

Is that a dual direction fan? looks so given the 4 wires. Or it just diverts half the airflow to the layer cooling. Either way, you’d probably take off one of the existing fans and replace it with that.

I designed this fan holder, as you can see I did a bit of physical modification rather than changing the design (I didnt wanna wait another 2 hours to print a new one…). If anyone is interested though, I can change the design a bit and upload.

That fan looks cool, no pun intended. I dont really know but i think its not meant to be for the cube and mod is needed to fit it. I would love to print that fan duct and try it out

This is the exact part I am talking about. It is meant for the cube kit as I confirmed it with customer service when they contacted me to make sure I purchased the proper voltage. I know the spout is supposed to point to the nozzle area but I cant figure any way to attach it to the printer.

Unfortunately you cannot remove the old fan to attach it because what looks like bolt holes are actually fake bolts that dont go through. It has slots on the back which dont line up to anything.

LOL. Sounds about right… Maybe you can drill the fake holes? or print an adaptor bracket?

This article may help you to install cooling fan http://support.mbot3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/209778223-MBot-Cube-Kit-Cooling-fan-installation