MBot Cube Plywood broke!

The design is weak. What to do? Where can I buy this part?

you can check here

This happened to me as well - Sorry I posted a new topic.
Have you all upgraded this part to a stronger material? Why would I spend money on the same part that will inevitably break again…
@Dimonira did you replace it? What did you do?

I glued all together with superglue :slight_smile:

Me too ! haha. Although I sent customer support the link to the thread I started and they are going to send me a replacement part free of charge. I must say, I have had more issues with this printer than I’d have liked, but their support has been pretty good throughout it all.

If you want to avoid this problem from happen again - it is better to switch to part from Flashforge (they have stronger X mount plastic part) or request to have metal X end part from Grid2+ as a replacement - it will be a whole lot better.