Mbot dual head temperature problem


Hi to all
I have Mbot dual head printer
On the left head everything prints OK. But the problem is on the right head
It needed to rais temperature to 227C for PLA which prints great on the left on 195C.
After contacting support (no help there) I decided to buy a new Cartridge Heater thinking its not heating enough but the problem persist so the only thing popping my mind is Thermistor sensor.
Unforunaly on the website there is no info witch on is it and in the website store there is no offer for one to buy.

So if anybody knows a solution for my problem I would be eternally grateful!!


You can try to switch the 2 thermistor/thermocouple between the extruder to ensure that the issue is the temperature sensor.


227C for PLA is not a very suitable opton and you can try out the ones that are being explained properly at https://errorcode0x.com/resolve-kaspersky-antivirus-error-1922/