Mbot Grid II Dual extruder issue

Ive been trouble shooting my 3D Printer Grid II since i purchased it.
I think i found another issue as to why its NOT printing correctly.

Please Help!.. I notice my 3D printer prints Good from the LEFT extruder,
BUT the Right extruder NOT so GREAT!..
it looks like the Right extruder Nozzle was installed Higher (by like 2MM higher) than the Left extruder Nozzle.
Due to the uneven position of the Right extruders Nozzle, every time i print with the Right extruder it warps the print due to the nozzle being 2MM higher than the Left side, the Left side Nozzle hits the printing table and wont allow the Right nozzle to get lower to the table thus warping my print!..

I like this 3D printer but im sad & disappointed i paid alot of money for the my “MBOT Grid II Dual Extruder” only for it to NOT work properly.

Please help, if i need to send this machine back for repairs please advice where to? or if you only need the main part (the Right/Left Extruders) where my issue is,
Please advice how to fix or repair my Printer any info is appreciated
Thank You! :smiley:

You have to remove the front fan of your right extruder - then you will see one small screw on the metal block, that screw is used to tighten the hotend - if you loose that screw, you can adjust the hotend part - after you make both nozzle same height - tight the screw and you are set to go

Thanks Ben!
Your instruction helped and worked great I’m back to printing again!..
but now my Left extruder is Clogged…
Darn you Mbot!..lol…
can we get a HOW TO video on how to un-Clog a Clogged extruder!
just a thought thanks!.

For cloggin issue, there will be 2 points - cold zone and hot zone.

Cold zone is where the motor feed the filament - some time there are some strip filament residues block the path - easy way to test is if you load filament - after hearing the clicking sound - you unload the filament - if you see the end of filament melt mean that the cold zone has no problem.

Hot zone is what happen below cold zone - this blockage happen for 2 reasons - 1st is you position the nozzle to close to the build plate, causing the filament unable to extrude out of nozzle and got backlash and filament end up bend inside the heating tube. 2nd is when you damage the nozzle by dragging on the build plate - lead to the nozzle hole become out of shape (0.4mm). If it is the 1st case - you have to remove the front fan again, and then move away the stepper motor until you see the hole on the metal block where filament go down. From here use the Hex Wrench Screw Drive 1.5/2.0mm which are included in the tool set when you got the printer. Pre-heat the extruder to around 190c - then insert the hex wrench to push down the block filament, you will see the plastic extrude out of nozzle. After that you are good to go.

If it is 2nd case - damage nozzle - you have to replace this part.

Hope this help.

Which screw do I need to loosen to adjust the extruder nozzle height? The extruder on the left is too low and is dragging into my prints and ruining them. Here is the snapshot of my dual extruders with the fans removed and can’t seem to figure out which one to loosen.
Picture of my extruderss with fans off
I tried the smallest hex in the hole between the two black hex screws and did not get any movement.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

How do you take off the front fan?

I used my narrow (~1 1/2 inch wide) paint scraper to slip under the bottom of the fan from the front of the unit (i.e. the side with the LCD display) and gave a slight twisting motion left and right to loosen the fan.It is in there pretty tight and you have to watch out twisting too hard or shoving the scraper in too far or you will damage the duct that blows air on the heated extruder block. The duct is actually part of the fan. Once you get the fan loosed up with the paint scraper, you should be able to lift directly upwards to pull the fan away.

Hope that helps.

@Ben - do you have any better solutions? And can you answer my question above, please?

Thank you so much! It really helps!

Sorry for the late reply!..
But this is how I did it:

Underneath the Dual extruders are 2 screws that hold down your dual extruders (view pics)

Ok unscrew these two screws (above)
(becareful for falling washers)
Once unscrewed your fans should pop right off
(the fans are NOT screwed in, just pressured)
The fans are covering a whole that fits an L- wrench
(The small L-wrench in your MBot tool box)

See the lower part of the fans (pic above)
There’s a little whole in this whole is a ’
Grub screw’ If you loosen this Grub screw it will
Allow you to move the hot end up or down.
(After loosening up the Grub screw I used a pair pliers to loosen the hot end, after that I was able to level both extruders)

Sorry I don’t have Pics of the whole where to unscrew the Grub screw!..

BUT IF you unscrewed the dual extruders as instructed above you can hold the extruders in your hand, I used a flash light to look into the wholes to look for the grub screw!..

I hope this helps!
I’ll try to answer any questions sooner!..
Good Luck!

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Thank you very much!!! I am looking forward to getting home to try this out. I think you just made my day!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Sorry for late response. Dingleberry1’s solution is correct. You just need to loose the right side screw all the way out, but on the left just slowly unscrew till the point where you can move the extruder a bit, and that’s all it need to remove the front front.