Mbot grid II dual Hot end replacement

Hi im looking to see what other have done for hotend replacement for the Grid II. I need to replace mine due to a clog and looking at if anyone has replaced the hotends with dual E3d hotends or a E3d chimera and how you mounted it. would like to keep them direct drive instead of bowden but whatever gets my printer back up and working again is what matters. thanks for the help

I was in the same boat recently, clogged with charred PVA. I bought these:

Heat up the nozzles and insert from the bottom to push the clog up and out.
Then clean the needle and insert from the top to see if there’s more. (it’ll catch and push it down again, needle comes out the bottom with resistance or comes out dirty)
Repeat till needle stops being dirty, let cool and try your material again.

Hope that can save you some money.
Edit: DON’T buy the tiny drill bits that amazon has for sale, they break off way too easy. The needles are way better.

so I ended up tearing everything apart and I am now in the process of rebuilding it. I switched to to a chimera clone hot end I printed out this bracket https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2712542 which is working great. Now I am in the process of changing out the mighty board with a ramps board. probably should have went with a 24v board and done less work for my self but i was looking for cheap.Now im just trying to program correct settings since i didnt think to write the stuff down before taking it apart.

also I do have a set of those needles they work great.