MBot logo fan grilles on Grid II+

Hello, I notice that the Grid II+ appears to have printed extruded fan covers with the MBot logo on them. Would you make the STL for that cover available? I would like to add them to my Cube fans. Thank you!

fengshan-A.stl (702.9 KB) fengshan-B.stl (383.7 KB)

here is the STL file for all our customers

Thank you very much! My Cube will soon be sporting these fan grills. The other object is a fan duct, is that correct? You have redesigned the extruder assembly to remove the heatsink, direct the airflow form the fan down to the printed layer, and added another fan to the back side of the stepper motor? There is no longer a heatsink on the stepper at all?

Oh, I see: the heatsink is not for the stepper motor, but for the cold part of the extruder, to keep the incoming filament cold until it enters the let chamber, so it can feed properly. How does your redesign manage that heat?