Mirrored printing

I have printed an Iphone case, and it was mirrored (camera and control holes on other side of actual design).
Thinking nothing of it, I just hit mirror in repg and reprinted. No issue.
So then I printed a luggage tag, words were mirrored, did same thing.
Now I printed an object took about 10hrs and the words again are mirrored.

The item is fine in the STL, but prints mirrored, I checked the cables, they are keyed and plugged in correctly.
Do I have to hit mirror on all my designs to get it to print correctly or is there a setting I am missing?

Everything I print I first load in RepG, then after arranging it hit create Gcode.
After that I remove the SDcard, insert into PC then hit copy to SDcard.
Put SD card back in mBot and hit print from SD.

I do this because the USB port does not work (they are sending me a new board)

try to install the new software to check if it will happen again