MPrint 2.1.0 Release

Thanks for the community’s feedback, we are glad to update the new version of MPrint 2.1.0 now.

In this version, we add support our old MBot Grid 2+ and T480S printers. We also support our current printers, like Grid 4, Grid 4S, Grid Pro.

We add Gcode preview function, update the slicer engine to latest version of CuraEngine 4.4, redesign the slicer setting UI.

Many bugs was fixed feedback by our Thailand friends, thanks a lot for your help, we will continue to make MPrint better for users.
Also, we add a software update feature to get the latest version of MPrint.

You can download from .

If you already install 2.0 or any version earlier, please delete this two directory before install new version.
C:\Users(your user)\AppData\Local\Temp\MPrint
C:\Users(your user)\AppData\Roaming\MPrint