Mprint (Beta) software

One small bug more:
When print finished software does not automatically stop printing mode. It will leave power to motors. You will hear it as high buzz. You can press manually stop but if you are not present when print end it will needlessly load drivers and motors as keeping them at powered until you will press stop.
It will be more convenient if it ends print mode after job is ready and shows some kind summary dialog of used time and filament.

Oh I find new bug or lack. Mprint takes 1 core from cpu even it does not do anything. So if you just start Mprint it will hog 100% from one core.

Any estimation when you will release next beta? Even I post lot of messages to this thread dont take it wrong, it is not whining of bugs it is just reporting them so your developer will know them when they make patches. For me bug reporting is quite natural move because I do it also as my day work. If you want that I post them directly to some ticket system it is also fine for me.

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Good afternoon!
Do you plan to support MPrint series printers Cube firmware lower 6.2 and support for files * .s3g?
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Hello Tapsa,

It’s very glad that you will join Mprint testing.
Please register the bug tracking system here:
And send an email to admin‘#’ (replace # as @) .
Thank you.

Shouldn’t I be able to save the STL file after I’ve made edits to it in Mprint 1.05? When I click Save, and enter a filename, nothing happens when I click save. I’ve selected different folders including my documents and desktop, and nothing happens.