Mprint custom settings problems

I believe there are some glitches when you go into create a profile.
#1 It only allows me to use one custom settings profile no matter how many I have created, it always resorts back to the original custom profile.
#2 When I change the temp settings in a custom profile(In notepad) and I change temp settings and go to print it sets the printer temp at 001 deg C. I can manually change it but I have found that I want different temp settings for rafts, supports and the object I’m printing. I am unable to utilize these settings.

I believe these are software issues in Mprint, it’s not something I can’t live without but it would be nice to have the options working right. I am contemplating purchasing a second printer, and I don’t want to have to sit and babysit it to change speeds and temps. I am printing off of the SD card.

Thank you!!!

Simplify3D software (
is compatible with MBot 3D printer and it have advance function compare to
MPrint. Mprint is basic and simple to used but not advance function.

Sorry, and thanks for your feedback. We have found what the problem is and will fix it in the next version.

Thank you for feedback. There is bug in software and is causing problem. It will be fix soon in next version.

The other thing is in a custom setting y axis will try to drive beyond it’s physical deminsions. It does not do this in a standard setting. And I am contemplating using simplyfy

I am having the same problem with the beta release, now I am getting a problem that half way thru a print it stalls out and quits printing. I can pause it, and the machine returns to home, I am also able to load and unload filament. But when I resume print it goes back to the same exact spot and stalls again(no axis movement and no filament feed). Lastly if I try to use the custom settings after one or two files converted it starts going crazy on prints(finish is horrible,backlash is terrible, and when it go to wait position it hits that spot and tries to print without the head being heated. Any suggestions???

I’m having the same problem with the temperature issue in the custom profile settings. Is there a better workaround than to manually change the temperature from the screen on the printer?

Which version of MPrint and Mac or Window OS?

I’m using Mprint with Windows 10. I’ve also tried as well, and both versions seem to be doing the same thing.

The same problem was also happening to me and the custom profile needs the change in the temp setting. The compatibility of the Mbot printer is not being accessible to the iPad air and for that, I have contacted the iPad support for the solution of it.