Mprint device setup for mbot cube dual extruder


I’m using Mprint as my software and have a mbot cube dual extruder, but for some reason mprint pics up my printer as a Mbot grid II dual? Any advice on this will be appreciated.


You need to change machine type by going to menu ‘Device’ -> ‘Select Type of device’ -> and select your model.

If you just purchase the printer recently, 1-2 months ago, it will be Mbot Cube Dual but if you purchased used or last year - then you need to check the pulley teeth, you can look at the pulley on X (where extruder move left and right) - it locates on the left side - use some tools (Maker pen) to count the number of teeth - it will be either 17 or 18 - if it is 17,then it is Mbot Cue (17) and if it is 18 , it will be Mbot Cube

Hope this help