Mprint software is Not working for cube dual 17

the mprint software is really shit…
Cant find cube 2 dual 17 in the devise setup…
When i choose cube dual 17 it always revert’s back to ordinary cube (18)
Can not connect to any devise or find any even though all driver’s are innstalled.
works fine wit he the repg software, can even find it and connect to device.

And here is no support at all, All i see is stupid answers from support and not really helping anybody.
going to throw the mbot cube 2 in the trash and buy my self a prusa I3 instead.

At least theyre support guy’s will bother to answer properly and find solutions…
Tnx for nthing mbot support

Did you try our latest version MPrint software for window OS and MPrint 1.2.4 for Mac OS. If you are facing any kind of problems or questions regarding with MBot 3D printer. Please contact us at [email protected] without hesitation. We will try to solve the problem within 24 hours.

MBot3D Support Team

Hi, fred.We’re really very sorry for such a late relpy. The problem you mentioned is a software bug, and we will fix this bug in the latest version of MPrint, which would be released a few days later.
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Sorry about the outburst of feelings toward’s your software.
Yes it has lot’s of bug’s unfortunately, which makes the MPrint software useless when using cube2 dual 17.
connecting to device is also not possible no matter which version of MPrint I tried. (all driver’s innstalled without a problem).

With that said (after collecting the printer from the waist container i threw it in, a few days ago)
The ReplicatorG works well after trying the printer again. but poor print result’s and slow slicing
even with pypy.

I just bought the Mendell iprusa 3, No problems what so ever with either firmware and printer
Print’s perfect after assembly ( took 2.5 hours)

All printer setting’s collected from mendel prusa community.
Easy to find easy to implement.

Please try to make this printer as easy to configure smile:

Thank you very much.


when will the new MPrint software be available with the software bug fix?

Update version of MPrint software for Window OS MPrint1.2.3.6 and Mac OS MPrint1.2.3.6. You can download from