Mprint will not let me choose cube dual 17

Mprint software won’t let me choose cube dual 17.
Always changes it to regular mbot.
Also it wiont connect to a devise or find any…
X axis crashes to opposite side of endstop when print begins…
Please advise some help with the problems stated, thank you…

I have the mbot cube 2 dual

I had the same problem. One or more endstops are improperly connected.

What version of MPrint are you using? And, on that platform (Mac, Windows)?

I have tryed all mprint version up to
None will let me choose and keep cube dual 17.

endstops working well. and connected properly and correct.
X axis crashes on opposite side of endstop.
It thinks the print area is larger than it is, or it can not pick up that I choose cube dual 17.

Any solution to this problem yet? I have been living with the issue for over a year, currently Im running an MBOT CUBE dual head and using replicatorg. I also went in and changed the XML printer file to the appropriate sizes so that replicatorg knows the size of my printer, but it hasnt helped.
Any help is appreciated,