New Mprint 1.0.4

There is now 1.0.4 version of mrint so I start new thread for bugs what I find from it. It would be nice if you publish also changelog.

  • Software still hog one core of cpu even it does not do anything (see my report for 1.0.3)
  • Stoping print work still stops printer without driving table down (that will destroy table if you are at layer 1. See my report at 1.0.3)
  • Pausing will drive table down but it if you stop it when it is paused it still leave software to state where you cannot start new job (see report at 1.0.3) Other hand how starting it again, pausing, unpausing and then stoping it will release printer. Anyhow it is still quite serious bug.

I will not report lacks to here because looks that all bugs and lacks are still here (except version number is updated at about screen). So lets focus direct bugs first

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  • with large print job print printing dialog from bottom right corner just dissapears and printer stops so that motors are still enabled and extruder is hot. At printer side printer still wait data from software and shows progress bar.
    So looks that 1.0.4 is not safe as online printing. I had not test export yet.

Sorry for the bugs,online printing has not been completed yet,so we suggest printing with a SD card.

It would be useful if mprint supports export to sd card directly via printer. But currently you need remove sd each time and put it to computer. Copy files to it and then put it back to printer. Not very usefull toolchain that way. Actually I order wifi sd card for that purpose but I am not get it yet so I dont have tested how well it works.

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