New to the forums? Introduce yourself here

Looking forward to meeting fellow MBot users or 3d printer users.


New to the 3D Printing World. Purchased and Mbot Cube Kit and received it about a month ago, I have done about 3 succesful prints so far. Simple things but everything seems to be working fine, trying to learn as much as I can from this experience and eventually try to create my own small business.

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Also new to the 3D printing world. Been researching for a while now and I am almost ready to go with Mbot3d. Just need to clarify a few questions first.

Looking fw to all the useful info around here!

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I just ordered the Mbot cube kit a few days ago and I’m waiting with great anticipation for it to arrive. I’m looking forward to learning about the 3d printer world and participating in the community.

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The MBot is the first duel extruder machine that we own. We’re getting used to it. So far I like the machine, now to get some prints out of it!

NK 3D printing
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Greetings and well wishes… anyone purchased the new Grid II? how’s the performance? thanks n cheers

the worldvsme

dear jeff

greetings and well wishes… how r u? mike here from singapore… created some printable hop up parts for MBOT 3D Cube… need to upload into the forum… can grant me the access? thanks n cheers


Hi Mike,

I think you can upload the parts now.

dear jeff

greetings n well wishes… in regards to mbot cube (v6.2 firmware n v5 for both plywood n acrylic)… i hv customers asking if they could b upgraded to the latest sailfish firmware n also there r some who need 2 replace their print bed n asking me if they could b upgraded to the latest magnetic print bed… can u pls advice? thanks n cheers


Please contact [email protected] or contact bob in the forums.

Hello. I have been wanting a 3d printer for ages; finally got one for a present this holiday season. I have assembled the kit, and have a few missing parts :frowning: but I’ve already logged a ticket on Zendesk. It’s New Year’s Day, and I don’t have any filament, so it’s OK. Well, not entirely OK, but I’ll survive xD

Hey all, from Cali! Recently got into and discovered 3D printing thanks to some of the great news articles out there. Some of the latest achievements out there are, simply put, amazing! A cool infographic I found detailing this can be found here:

Looking forward to learning more from you guys! :slight_smile:

HI I am jeevan I am working on Mbot 3D Printer. I am using Replicator Software For Converting G Code . While Working Xtruder doesnot make Proper Layer. and Extruder hit badly to Bed Plate. So pls tell me Solution.

Hello, I’m bmaryan with Mbot Mini. Totally new with 3D printing, aware currently only on Mprint software. Trying to find Mprint Manual when running Mprint, but nothing appears! Anybody help to locate the manual? Thanks

Link for MPrint manual

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