Plywood kit, spare parts polycarbonate?

I picked up this kit from Amazon.

I’m very impressed and happy with the quality. I’m interested in having/making spare parts for the box. I’m concerned about the long-term durability of the plywood components, and would like to be able to make spare parts.

I found this on Thingiverse: Thing 28499

My side panels are different, having only a small handle hole on each, and the front panel is different for the controller mount, but the mechanical parts seem to be the same, so I think that these drawings are correct enough to be useful. I think that I can get access to a CNC laser and some polycarbonate. My concern would be mounting the controller, which appears to be different. I’d like if possible to get more up-to-date files.

If anyone knows if or where more up-to-date drawings of the plywood parts can be had, I’d appreciate it!

Well, it seems that I just needed to search harder through the Github documentation for drawings of the kit. I found them here: 3D Printer drawings.

I am going to see about getting these cut in order to have spare parts, or if I can get them cut in something more robust, like polycarbonate then I’d like to do it that way. At the very least, it should be possible to make spare parts with these files, I hope.