Power Supply Woes, need help finding a replacement

Hey guys. I recently bought a used Mbot 3d printer, and it came with a bad power supply. I tired to reach out to customer support for instructions on purchasing a replacement, but no one has gotten back to me. I have tried looking on ebay, amazon, bang good, and ali baba. I can’t seem to find a dual voltage power supply for 12v and 5v. Does anyone here know of where I can purchase one online? Any help will be appreciated.

Where and when did you buy it?
I imagine that the company no longer sells the machine or its parts. Thats why they never respond to emails or questions. So everyone is on their own.

Get a computer power supply. It will have 5V and 12V regulated power. You’ll have to figure out the connector for yourself, but supplies with adequate wattage should be cheap and plentiful.

Connect a power switch like so: https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/atx_psu_startup/

The user want to find out the work which will be going to manage it in such way where netgear r6700 review will provide them steps to supply power at the time of replacement.