Pre-purchase questions to Mbot owners

I’ll ask my questions from the google groups here too. This may be a new forum but the answers will probably help others too:

I’ve been planning for a while now to buy a 3D printer and Mbot3D is very close to checking all the marks on my list, so to speak. I like that it’s enclosed and that it looks like an Ultimaker combined with a Makerbot a less than a 3rd cost. I am thinking of buying the plywood kit version with single extruder. Before committing to this, I would like to ask a few question to Mbot3D owners. I know that some answers are obvious or available from mbot website, but I would like to confirm these.

1- being a copy of Makerbot, I’ve heard that there might be some problems with the material feeding part to the extruder. I think Makerbot had this issue at first and than they upgraded the hot ends or the PLA feeding mechanism. Is this true? Are there any concerns about this part with stock Mbot extruder assembly?

2- still about the extruder, what are the realistic temperature capabilities? Will I be able to print with ABS and other high temp materials?

3- what type of mainboard is used? Are there more firmwares available? Are there any major issues with updating?

4- does this mainboard support heated bed connection? Would a standard heated bed designed for Makerbot, work out of the box with Mbot?

5- is there any way to use Cura with Mbot? (I’ve heard that Cura is very good/fast/reliable. It would be a huge plus for me if I could use it)

6- if everything is set up right and working, is the print quality from Mbot really comparable to the way more expensive ones (the two mentioned above)?

Thanks for having the patience of going through these! Any other comments/concerns/tips will be greatly appreciated!

Just as a note, another printer from my short list is the similarly priced Printrbot Simple Metal kit. I know there are a lot of differences from Mbot so at the moment it’s considered as a backup solution. I really
really like the enclosed factor of Mbot.

1.the newest extruder of Mbot is MF1 ,we have redesigned and optimized it ,now it can print with ABS and PLA successfully .for more information about this part you can check can print with 260℃ ,no problem with ABS and PLA ,we have tried other kind of materials ,to be honestly the result is not so much satisfied .

3.this is our motherboard
the firmware version is adjustable for the machine you get .customer do not have to care about the firmware version ,actually there is no need update it or change it .the software for generate the Gcode is more important to the printing quality ,so we put more energy in the software

4.Yes .Mbot motherboard have heated bed connection and can install the Makerbot one .but Mbot don’t use heater plate anymore ,our new plate is made in switzerland ,which don’t need to be heated when you print small model with ABS and big model with PLA

5.I don’t know much about this kind of software ,but our new software Mprint is very good now ,you can get very good printing quality with it .

6.our new and improved machine Grid II has inherited the strong metal chassis design of the previous generation. Superior performance and easier operation, with innovations and optimizations according to user feedback.
The MBot Grid II is the first product created in cooperation with our new design center in Sweden.
1.smooths surfaces on all your PLA prints, by dual head print cooling system
2.our own innovative automatic build plate calibration system
3.easy remove magnetic build plate holder
for more infomation you can see the website:

Thank you!

I have one more question: I’ve noticed that the kit I am interested in, is available locally in the US from Mbot amazon store: (

How can I find out if this kit has the updated MF1 extruder, or is it an old kit?

it’s the updated MF1 extruder .all our printer have updated to MF1 to provide better printing experience to our customers