Print Head in the wrong position

Hello everybody,
I am pretty new to the 3D printing world. I have a Mbot 3d Grid II.

Couple of days a go I found one of my print stopped in progress. Nothing moved. I canceled the print, and tuned the printer off.
After trying to print another project, I noticed when the print head moved forward it was fine, but as soon as started to move back the print head started vibrating.
I reset the printer to default settings and wanted to level it, Than I noticed the printhead does not move to his starting orgin (back right hand corner)
What can I do to correct the problem?

Hi Mike,
This problem are mostly cause by malfunction of X axis Stepper motor cable. You can change the cable to fix these issue.
Our all 3D printer comes with one year warranty of electronics, stepper motor, extruder
If you have any problems and questions. Please, Send me email at [email protected]

MBot3d Support Team

I am having the same problem, when the x and y are at the home position, the head will move on the x axis just fine, when you move it to about half way it will not jog on the x axis at all, it is acting like there is something in the way. The Grid II + that we purchased for an after school program has about 15 hours on it, and would really like to get printing ASAP, the program starts on the 14th of September. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks